Don't risk your home

Title insurance is the only way to protect you and your right to own your home from the alarming rise in real estate fraud.

Don't wait for your home to make headlines

Protect your biggest investment from risks that are expensive and impossible to predict. You can purchase title insurance no matter how long you’ve owned your home. But once an issue like fraud is discovered, it can be too late to provide coverage. When the worst happens, will you be ready?

Real esate fraud is rising

FCT’s underwriters identified $350 million in suspicious transactions in 2022 alone. It's more important than ever to ensure your title is protected.

Protected forever

FCT's residential title insurance is a one time investment that can protect you for life, and can protect a spouse or heir where a transfer takes place for nominal consideration.

Fraud prevention month

With the growing number of breaking title fraud cases, this fraud prevention month is the right time to protect your home.

It can happen to anyone

We're seeing innocent people on both sides of transactions, devastated by something they never could've imagined. Title insurance can give you peace of mind as long as you own your home.

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The consequences can be disastrous

Homeowners often don't know they've become victims until they receive notice of missed payments, try to sell or find new "owners" moving in. Without title insurance, making things right can take considerable time and effort, and cost tens of thousands in legal fees. Would you be ready to handle that kind of emergency?

If the owner has title insurance, it’s a very different story. Get a quote and reply on the experts and the protection of an existing homeowner's policy from FCT.